Monday, May 21, 2007

KKK...Kyuki Mobile bhi ab TV hai

'Wise men' say the digital world is shrinking into our very hand...if I've lost you here...well, its the mobile phone I am talking about. All that you need is available in your mobile. Ticket reservation to 'adult' contents - your mobile phone is the only thing you'll ever need.

Imagine 5-10 years from now, when RSS feed and all such TV viewing 'tecknology' are fully evolved, when TV on mobile phone is not a frame after frame affair but just like that in a 'real' TV.

We might get a bit confused about mobile web searching but nothing can beat our passion for channel surfing. Years of cable television have resulted in our desire not to watch what's on TV but to watch what 'else' is on TV. When something as personal as your mobile phone telecasts your favourite sitcom, you can save your energy wasted on the battle for 'control' of the remote control!!!

So what actually is the prospect for live TV on mobile phones in India? 'Immense' is the obvious answer. In a country of over a billion, everything sells. Especially if it is Tulshi 'Ma' or our dear Parvati 'Bhabi' taking their stand against the evils of the family. Their popularity haven't changed in the last 5 years, nor there is any likelihood of change in the next 5. The good guys will be tortured and humiliated for 10-15 (even more) episodes with all sorts of twist and turn, evil plots, loads of flashback and finally, when viewers have had enough of one bad guy and/or a Hot looking vamp with a taste in fashion, our Bhabi's and Ba's come good to clear the position for another 'fresh' baddie.

Only change I guess will be instead of SMS version of what happened earlier, you and me get a chance to watch them on our mobile phone by some simple blah blah. (They always have a 'simple' way for everything - don't worry)

Quite a rosy picture! However, added services means more money out of your pocket (these corporates sadistically enjoy this part)! Rocket high rates for the so called 'skimming price' policy has always been a dampener. In this case, I see no exception.

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