Thursday, April 19, 2007

3GSM: Mapping the Asian market

When the big and the best of mobile telephony industry converged in Barcelona this year(12-15 February, 2007)- they meant business and it was as big as it gets. Around 55,000 people- the highest for a 3GSM congress -from across the globe gathered to confabulate and contemplate on the emerging trends in mobile communication. Here's a snapshot of the promises and predictions.

Manufacturers, operators, distributors, mobile content providers, industry experts- they all had their concerns and opinions to share on the future ahead. While manufacturers announced and launched a range of handsets, the operators stressed on enhanced coverage and cost cutting measures to sustain growth.

The marketing policy of Nokia seems to be focussed on business phones with the manufacturer unveiling the next genration of E-series devices. On the other end, Motorola is gearing up to lock horns in the smartphones category with an array of HSDPA-enabled handsets.

Instant messaging was the buzzword with fifteen operators agreeing on a joint mechanism to offer IM across networks. Mobile content and allied services also took centrestage with companies finding it difficult to retain and expand their base, particularly in the developing Asian markets. Mobile T.V and mobile music content featured as a promising business with a huge consumption potential.

Key speakers, noticeably among them, Vodafone chief Arun Sarin(charged up after acquiring the Hutch deal in India!) and Orange chief Sanjiv Ahuja put stress on exploring new revenue streams( like mobile content, sponsorships etc) to sustain profitability and growth. With call charges getting lower and lower, companies are looking for new areas for earnings in both developed and developing economies. With the news of major countries in Asia like India and China becoming 3G compatible, service providers expect a big upsurge in the demand for mobile content like sports updates, video clips, celebrity wallpapers etc., in the multi-billion market.

The next 3GSM congress is scheduled in November at Macau(Asia). With the Common Wealth games and Olympics to be held in the Asian countries, the mobile companies will get an ideal platform to test their business model and infrastructure to deliver news, sports and other mobile content to scores of sports lovers in the developing markets.

Summing up the spirit of the 3GSM, Motorola's new European sales chief, Stephen Nolan observed : 'The central theme of a lot of conversations happening at this show is 'How am I special?' We're moving away from a transactional spot relationship… to become more of a long-term partner.'

Saturday, April 14, 2007

A small shift for a big success...

The much hyped and much awaited iPhones have finally been launched in some parts of the global market. After drawing much success in the music world, iPod became iPhone. Have you ever thought of the flux that the company like Apple has taken?

I took more pain to draw the conclusion -- why one would keep a separate music device, if a cellphone (a wonderful gift to the communications world) does it all. A single mini device performs multiple functions. I think my strategy is a smart one– switching over their music devices to mobile phones.

I really appreciate the maneuvering step the company has taken before launching the iPhone. When Steve Jobs (Apple CEO) announced the upcoming iPhone, techno expert started posting blogs – almost 20,000 blogs in a day and the iPone became famous before its launch ( – it seems that the media planning & themarketing fundas have been truly inspired!

But to my surprise, the enthusiasm these technocrats showed at one point of time faded finally – but why? The reason is obvious – you cannot predict about anything that you have not even seen. Same with me as i also belong to the same category who once heard of the iPhone but never got a privilege to even see or touch it!
Its really hard for newbies to divert consumers trust from the well established mobile companies. Again i believe that the companies who have switched over to iPhone might have been manipulating these points while launching a product. And no doubt, they would have given much time and their valuable mind to that aspect.

Since, the new fray in the mobile market is to make the communications device similar to a PC, Microsoft has an obvious advantage off the blocks but some tough challenge with Symbian rich phones like Sony Ericsson P990i. But where do you wanna put an iPhone?

Its really hard to draw any conclusion right now, but lets hope the wonderful music gadget i.e., iPod would soon become popular as an iPhone.


Finally a space in the Wild Wild Web to write my heart out on 'gizmology' and that too on my terms. Now that's a great relief considering all the goody goodies I write (actually forced to write) on out-dated and/or shitty stuff! (thanx Tradaptor).

I am sick and tired of all the rave reviews and subtle and disguised promotion of mostly crappy and useless 'futuristic' devices with 'advanced' technologies. The bombastic bouncers and technical blah-blah are nothing more than ways to suck out more money (read Blood) by making us believe that we really need the product just because it is out there. I know because thats what I do for a living!!!

Now that commercial interest is out of the picture and no snoopy boss buzzing over my posts, I finally have the freedom to be ruthlessly honest . But hey, I don't have any grudge against any and I'm not out here to seek vengeance! I am here to share what I know (or think I know) with anyone who cares to stop by and read through.

Keep your eyes open as we dissect the layers of technical crap written and designed to keep you confused, to reveal what it is actually all about... inside -out.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The genesis of Mobilism

How abjectly crippled do you feel if you & your cellphone are estranged for a day? The sense of loss,ennui & isolation bordering on paranoia? Just how chronic & infectious is our almost paralytic subservience to technology?

Relax! This opening note is not a premonition of any impending Judgement Day when the human fate will be signed, sealed & delivered by some creepy,wiry, self-replicating squids of our own ingenuity & invention!!!

What i'm referring to is the metamorphosis in the axes of Time & Space that have altered the "matrix" of our existence ( intellectual masturbation...i know). From being an elitist auxiliary of the privileged few, mobile phones are now ubiquitous & cardinal to our perception of time & space ( oops! that almost broke my jaw!). So much so that we have decided to add a new 'ism'to our urban dictionary - Mobilism

The gospel of Mobilism is to unravel the mystery of mobiles & gadgets we love, hate, use, abuse but simply cant ignore! Our testament is writ from the consumers point of view & we follow every letter of it. Amen directory