Saturday, May 26, 2007

3G Technology: Rigorous Transformation/Our stand

The coveted term 3G is more than a monolithic technology for me. Yeah... it’s more like a rebus not only for me, but for my beloved country also. More precisely, it’s like a distant dream (Still when others are ready to embrace 4G!!). Obviously, I never had the opportunity to fancy any of the buffets of this new buzz word (Very appetising). But, it’s been around for a long time. Thanks to this Internet age, which allows me to get all the information (right or wrong) about the latest trends in mobile world.

And, 3G is also among those constantly grilled or discussed topics (from the little bit or loads more I know). My 'Mobilism' instinct forces me to look at the various aspects of this technology, which is still eluding my own country (India). Sometimes I do wonder, why people buy 3G supporting handsets after paying a hefty price for those heavy gadgets? May be for other features or they are among those hopefuls, who believe that 3G is just around the corner and they will have it after a couple of days. Well, that's something beyond my rational understanding, but for now... I just want to take a toll on 3G.

Let's start from the beginning...

3G stands for Third Generation mobile phones in mobile technology. Well, it has really come a long way? The very first generation was about Advanced Mobile Phone Service (AMPS). Then came Second Generation phone service with GSM and CDMA phones. After some time, we had yet another generation with 2.5 GPRS-EDGE mobile phone services. Henceforth, Internet surfing, which was a really a dream came to terms. Likewise came 3G phones...something big, different and innovative. But, we are stranded between 2 and 2.5 (once again beaten by the number game).

After all this hustle-bustle came an obvious question that what does 3G do? Actually, 3G means speed. Yes, it’s like optimising speed (In Internet language). To speed up data transfer and letting us browse the Internet in a swift manner. Now, it enables video conferencing, where you can see the face of the person, to whom you are talking. Well, well, well...4G is also around the corner for other countries and we are still deprived of 3G (No consolation, only regret).

Why are we waiting?

Obviously, you would love to have all these functionalities in your very own phone, but do you deserve to wait for a long time? Actually, the biggest hindrance or technical barrier is that 3G technology does not work on the hardware or network of 2G or 2.5G phones. Keep hoping, as sooner or later, we will have to embrace 3G with a new set up (all the required elements). Another major concern is (! Not that serious) that 3G devices need better or refined batteries to work and we end up with same appellation (we don't have that). But, they will be replaced and it does need substantial time. Till then, I can just keep my eyes open to see the wonders of this new technology (Can't help being sceptic and bit pessimistic). These are some of the reasons, which I can point out (Surely not enough). You can add more at your own discretion.

Monday, May 21, 2007

KKK...Kyuki Mobile bhi ab TV hai

'Wise men' say the digital world is shrinking into our very hand...if I've lost you here...well, its the mobile phone I am talking about. All that you need is available in your mobile. Ticket reservation to 'adult' contents - your mobile phone is the only thing you'll ever need.

Imagine 5-10 years from now, when RSS feed and all such TV viewing 'tecknology' are fully evolved, when TV on mobile phone is not a frame after frame affair but just like that in a 'real' TV.

We might get a bit confused about mobile web searching but nothing can beat our passion for channel surfing. Years of cable television have resulted in our desire not to watch what's on TV but to watch what 'else' is on TV. When something as personal as your mobile phone telecasts your favourite sitcom, you can save your energy wasted on the battle for 'control' of the remote control!!!

So what actually is the prospect for live TV on mobile phones in India? 'Immense' is the obvious answer. In a country of over a billion, everything sells. Especially if it is Tulshi 'Ma' or our dear Parvati 'Bhabi' taking their stand against the evils of the family. Their popularity haven't changed in the last 5 years, nor there is any likelihood of change in the next 5. The good guys will be tortured and humiliated for 10-15 (even more) episodes with all sorts of twist and turn, evil plots, loads of flashback and finally, when viewers have had enough of one bad guy and/or a Hot looking vamp with a taste in fashion, our Bhabi's and Ba's come good to clear the position for another 'fresh' baddie.

Only change I guess will be instead of SMS version of what happened earlier, you and me get a chance to watch them on our mobile phone by some simple blah blah. (They always have a 'simple' way for everything - don't worry)

Quite a rosy picture! However, added services means more money out of your pocket (these corporates sadistically enjoy this part)! Rocket high rates for the so called 'skimming price' policy has always been a dampener. In this case, I see no exception.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Music phones: So eventful journey.

Speculations were literally ruling the gadget world, until some highly powerful or so called multifunctional devices went ahead to steal the show. I really don't remember, when i started taking all this seriously. Undoubtedly, these illustrious buzzers...(yeah, it does take little bit pressing to make them work) were already there before I was bitten by the bug of mobilism. But, it was a sheer dilemma for musicbuffs: can mobile phones replace their favourite ipods –dear companions for a long time.

If i am not wrong, as per the conventional trends, it was inevitable, as music mobile phones were right on the threshold to enter our world. On the other hand, it was never easy to say goodbye to all your favourite things...(i still love my childhood bicycle..even though it is wrapped up somewhere in the store-room). Along with this commotion came a flurry of questions about music capabilities, battery strength and interface. Even i was adamant to replace my iPod with a music phone – who would provide 60-GB of memory with superb music phones just cannot beat my iPod.

Things change with a lightening speed and to my surprise/ i was taken aback, when i saw music phones with MP3 players stormed the world. Its better to do an in-depth analysis to see the hidden truth and i did so by scrutinising music phones. These gadgets are just fabulous with simple interface (all options: Play/Pause, Stop, FF and Rew). Making life easier for an imbued listener like me...there are dedicated buttons to pave the way to ecstasy. Yeah, my iPod cannot make calls nor it would let me surf...but you can surely do that on music phones.

So, its all about options or something else. phones are right there with good sound. Seems, as if everything has fallen at the right place and their (music phones) entry was as good as anything. This post is not the result of my sheer adulation for music phones, but your valuable comments can make the picture more clear – the way you like it. directory