Thursday, May 3, 2007

Music phones: So eventful journey.

Speculations were literally ruling the gadget world, until some highly powerful or so called multifunctional devices went ahead to steal the show. I really don't remember, when i started taking all this seriously. Undoubtedly, these illustrious buzzers...(yeah, it does take little bit pressing to make them work) were already there before I was bitten by the bug of mobilism. But, it was a sheer dilemma for musicbuffs: can mobile phones replace their favourite ipods –dear companions for a long time.

If i am not wrong, as per the conventional trends, it was inevitable, as music mobile phones were right on the threshold to enter our world. On the other hand, it was never easy to say goodbye to all your favourite things...(i still love my childhood bicycle..even though it is wrapped up somewhere in the store-room). Along with this commotion came a flurry of questions about music capabilities, battery strength and interface. Even i was adamant to replace my iPod with a music phone – who would provide 60-GB of memory with superb music phones just cannot beat my iPod.

Things change with a lightening speed and to my surprise/ i was taken aback, when i saw music phones with MP3 players stormed the world. Its better to do an in-depth analysis to see the hidden truth and i did so by scrutinising music phones. These gadgets are just fabulous with simple interface (all options: Play/Pause, Stop, FF and Rew). Making life easier for an imbued listener like me...there are dedicated buttons to pave the way to ecstasy. Yeah, my iPod cannot make calls nor it would let me surf...but you can surely do that on music phones.

So, its all about options or something else. phones are right there with good sound. Seems, as if everything has fallen at the right place and their (music phones) entry was as good as anything. This post is not the result of my sheer adulation for music phones, but your valuable comments can make the picture more clear – the way you like it.

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