Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Talk - with your mouth shut

I wonder what goes on mobile phone developer’s mind. Latest heard is a mobile phone that allows you to talk through your ears. How cool is that!

Technically its an ear phone that could be connected to a mobile phone through wire or Bluetooth. The device decreases the external noise level many folds and takes help of ear vibration inside the ear.

Whats next…a mobile phone that says what you think!

Monday, November 19, 2007

iPhone - the naked truth

They say 'a picture says a thousand words"
Here's a thousand word for the "Oh so cool" iPhone

Do I need to say more?

Friday, August 17, 2007

Samsung SGH-U700 is acclaimed as the 'European Mobile Phone 2007-2008'

After Nokia, it was Samsung's turn to hit the podium and it did it in style by winning the 'European Mobile Phone 2007-2008'. Following are the excerpts from the speech given by Dr. David Steel (Vice President of Samsung’s Telecommunications Network Business): “I’m delighted and honoured to receive this award from EISA, an opinion leader in the European imaging and multimedia industry. This is important recognition of the progress that we have made in the European market and our mobile phones that have become very popular with European consumers. With the SGH-U700, Samsung will continue to deliver the best possible user experience in the most attractive design to satisfy mobile phone users in Europe.”

Here are some of the distinctions, which make Samsung SGH-U700 stand tall among others:

1.Yes, it is a glossy slider (symbolic with newly released Samsung phones), which supports 3G and HSDPA technology.
2.If everything goes well then this gadget can give you up to 3.5Mbps downloading speed (truly remarkable!).
3.For your viewing pleasure it offers a compatible 2.2'' 240x320 pixel display and don't forget to go snazzy with its 3 mega pixel camera.
4.Rest of the artillery is comprised of tri-band GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, Bluetooth and micro SD expandable memory slot.
5.How can you forget the web peculiarities. Yes, it comes with a compatible web browser and email client.

Like i mentioned in my last post, any award matters a lot and specially when you get it from experts. But, you might ask that obvious question that there are some other special handsets (good in looks and too good in features), so why this gadget is showered with momentarily limelight. You can think a lot about that, in my opinion other big players might have lagged behind because they could not come up with enticing gimmicks. That's enough for this post and Samsung would not mind to bask under this instant moment of glory.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Nokia readies for a perfect Twango

We have heard about Google buying href="">YouTube and News Corp buying MySpace, and this time another giant to snap up another social networking site is Nokia. The largest manufacturer of mobile phones has acquired the picture sharing site Twango. While the market speculates if Nokia would really do the popular dance with its new acquisition; Nokia striking a confident smile have announced, “ The Twango acquisition is a concrete step towards our Internet services vision of providing seamless access to information, entertainment, and social networks – at anytime, anywhere, from any connected device, in any way that you choose.”

Hmm ... so much so, seems like it makes some sense after all. Nokia has till date sold over 140 million connected cameras, and would further want to ensure that the users enjoy all that mobile multimedia goodness as much as possible.

The platter of Twango indeed comes with desirable goodies. The service allows users to share, organise, and republish photos, videos and audio clips easily. Unlike the popular photo-sharing site Flickr, Twango also supports multiple media types (110 file types in total). Further, the Twango platform allows developers to create companion applications, connect with mobile devices, and integrate with other Web services.

If the near future has any radical change in store for social networking services, and if mobile phones increasingly become the primary tool for accessing and sharing them – its sure a clap clap to the futuristic vision of Nokia.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Nokia N95 won TIPA award 2007: Hip, Hip, Hurrah!

After a hurly-burly marketing campaign, Nokia hit the Bull's eye with the right outcome. By raking up tremendous sales records, Nokia perfectly achieved it's first objective and now it's time to get its share of appreciation. So, the Nokia N95 finally impressed the techno-community to won the prestigious TIPA (Technical Image Press Association) award as the “Best Mobile Imaging Device in Europe 2007.”

Every award matters and it gains more significance when you get it from the experts. Whether it would fortify Nokia's favourite notion about N-series (This is what computers have become!!) or raise the eyes of other big players (Samsung, Sony Ericsson and others), this is the right time to look at its major features:

1.Its camera artillery is loaded with a 5 megapixel camera and Carl Zeiss optics.

2.With its 2-way slide mechanism and dedicated media keys, you can easily access every desired function.

3.To get enough space, you can enhance its memory up to 2GB with microSD memory cards.

4.To optimise downloading speed, it supports HSDPA and LAN connectivity.

5.Acting as your perfect guide, it also comes with an inbuilt GPS system with various maps.

Now all these elements do add up for that unbeatable performance –so far, so good. Though, other major players are certainly not far behind and my follow up posts would dig out certain important details. Till then, it's Nokia N95 –all the way!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Apple iPhone: bugs all around

An opulent announcement followed by monstrous demand (just for the time being!) and now its on the firing line with security threats –God save the iPhone from all these frequent outbreaks! Seems like a gripping melodrama, but this mouth-watering fruit is bound to have all this. In my earlier post, i talked about those hot mimics (iPhone clones), which sometimes outshine the original character, but this time it's about the real hero –carrying all the burden of this chartbuster show. Earlier, the vulnerability of this device was theoretical, but not for so long. Vigilant hackers are right on the task and there is an apparent security glitch regarding the iPhone.

The way iPhone's browser works, it offers a safe passage for hackers to attack through a wireless access point or Web server. So far, this over-hyped affair is gone with serious bloopers, and now it is quite evident that some major security issues are being ignored (a big mistake!). An attacker can easily install codes to steal any of the important data from this phone. In more refined manner, a hacker can use a link sent through SMS or email to redirect the iPhone's browser by a man-in-the middle with that malicious code. The major goof-up lies in its controls, as the phone runs with full administrator privileges –offering a short-cut way for intruders.

With such a severe onslaught anything can be brought to sudden halt; and in a desperate manner, Apple Inc. released its three patches to counter these threats in its Mac OS X operating system with beta version of its Safari browser for windows.Though these are just the early days of iPhone, but it is right there in the eye of everyone. There are queries all over the place, as iphone owners are feeling the heat after all paying a hefty price for this gadget!

The next few days might make the picture more clear, till then everyone is forced to play the wait and watch game.

Sony Ericsson K790i: My girl friend's choice

Mobile blogs, especially on iPhones have over-flooded the Internet. Personally i am sick of reading about the hype and drawbacks of the same stuff. Let's talk something real and something interesting that is happening to me.

I am in a dilemma! You know wot, i bought a new smart phone for my girl-friend. She was very happy and impressed with my intelligent gift. But the brightness on her face faded away in a month. 'What's the reason?' i asked. And her answer was very childish, but for me it was too expensive. She said, 'dear, this phone is not nice, i want a camera phone'! I said okay, as i generally do and asked her to search a camera phone on the Internet.

After two days, she rang me up and said, 'hey i got the real choice, the Sony Ericsson K790i!'. Guess wot was my immediate reaction, i started searching the price of the handset on the Internet. It was too much, but as you know, “love is blind,” i made up my mind to buy the handset to bring back the smile of her face.

Its a Cyber shot 3.2 MP camera with music player, Bluetooth and all those hi-fi technology that neither i gonna understand nor she. But its for sure that she gonna take most of my shots from this phone. So i finally exhausted my salary for good reasons and bought the Sony Ericsson K790i (Cyber Shot). Now, my love life is going smoothly, wot about you guys?

Friday, August 3, 2007

Nokia opens its first design studio in India

Source: Internet Press Release

Underlining the growing importance of India as a global design capital, the Finnish mobile giant partners with Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology thus signaling the increasing impact the country is having on the development of mobile phones. The two year partnership one believes would give Nokia designers and India's talented young designers the opportunity to work together on new design ideas for India and the global markets.

Choosing India as its satellite design hot spot, Alastair Curtis, Nokia's Chief Designer, said "India is a dynamic and inspiring place for designers with its diverse mix of cultures, traditions and color. The new satellite studio will help us further develop our understanding of this vibrant country and to work more closely with its extremely talented designers. Reflecting India's status as one of the hottest countries for design right now I expect our work here to influence not only our thinking on new design trends and ideas for India, but also for many other markets around the world."

He further added, “The satellite studio will explore a range of design trends and themes including detailed research into color and material trends in India, mobile use of the internet in India and its implications for design, and examining innovative new features and uses for mobiles. Run by a compact, dedicated team of Nokia designers working with students at the Srishti School and established designers across India, it will also be a key destination for Nokia's global team to visit to share ideas and be inspired”.

And about the deal Ms. Geetha Narayanan, Founder & Director, Srishti said, "Nokia's investment reflects the growing importance of India's designers and the wealth of new talent being developed here. This studio gives the talent of tomorrow the opportunity to work with experienced Nokia designers from around the world. This exposure to world class designers in one of the fastest growing product category in the world will be a huge opportunity for the students in India".

The Bangalore satellite studio is part of Nokia's ongoing investment in design. Earlier this year the company established a new design studio for its design team at its Global headquarters in Espoo, Finland and plan to open a similar studio for its design team in London later this year. Globally, it has grown its design team with 50 new hires in the last year.

Nokia has 300 designers in its global team representing 34 different nationalities. The unique group includes designers, psychologists, researchers, anthropologists, engineers, and technology specialists, based in major cities around the world. They explore new materials, colors, and broader design trends, and collaborate with other leading designers, students, artists, and manufacturers to push the boundaries of design.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Mobile Gaming: Play as you go

Picture this... A 2D line that navigates within your mobile screen, 'eating' up dots on its way – this was one of the most popular mobile phone games found in the history of mobile games just a couple of years back. Another 2D game in high demand was 'Tetris' – where you have to arrange odd shaped blocks to form a 'Wall'.

Fast forward to the present, and you'll find mobile gaming is more than two dimensional visuals with occasional beeps.

Now check this out...

'Guitar Legend' by Gameloft – one of the latest mobile games sees you hitting keypad buttons to play big rock riffs. These includes Nirvana's 'Heart-Shaped Box', Iron Maiden's 'Run To The Hills', The Scorpions' 'Rock You Like A Hurricane' and the ever popular 'Smoke On The Water' by legendary British band Deep Purple. From Zombie-slaughtering action of 'Resident Evil' to 'Bikini Volleyball', from 'Pro Bowling' to 'World Championship Pool' – all kinds of 3D games are now available in your mobile phones. Whats more? Many of them looks and feels better in a mobile phone than in any portable gaming consoles.

We are way beyond making vague statements about the potential of mobile gaming market. Now we've got numbers to prove that (and mind you...numbers don't lie!). According to Gartner Inc report, the global mobile games market is on track to grow 49.9 percent in 2007 to $4.3 billion, and will hit $9.6 billion by 2011. No doubt, all major game programmer and designers are working overtime to create mobile versions of popular games traditionally designed to play in consoles and computers. Tomb Raider Legend and Burnout are fine example of successful mobile phone adaptation of popular video games. Square Enix recently showed off several Final Fantasy branded mobile games. Rumors about the launch of 3D mobile Metal Gear Solid game are also making frequent rounds.

After eating into the domains of digital cameras and music players, mobile phones are now barging into the gaming territory. I wonder who's next in the Hit list!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Apple iPhone & it's Clones!

Any razzle-dazzle affair is bound to attract too much attention – good or bad! It's not been a long time, since the Apple iphone made its way through the mobile world and there are millions of opinions already all over the cyberspace. Whether its the blogsphere, news aggregators and review based websites, people are literally going nuts over the phone. And, like all popular cultural icons the 'iPhone clones'have stuck their heads out!

Whether you are a common user or a rocket scientist, you would surely agree that it does take years of hardwork and consistent innovation to come up with such a complicated & efficient device. And clones' or 'inspirations' sneak through the back door.

One such is the Meizu M8, which has been hailed as the most affordable iPhone clone yet. So, if iPhone is really an expensive phone for you to afford, then you may go for the Meizu M8 which offer a 4GB model (with built in camera) and a 8GB model. This entry-level model is the poor man's iPhone and believe me it ain't bad either!

The Hua Long IP2000, which looks exactly like an iPhone (yes,looks are always deceptive!) comes with a touchscreen, 3.5'' LCD screen, 2 megapixel camera, USB connector and supports dual-band network. If that is all you need, then you have the phone minus the 'i'.

When the going gets really tough, you have to take your chances. The third big iPhone fan or follower is the Samsung P520. It is quite slim and weighs only 102 grams. In other features, you get Triband GSM with EDGE, QVGA touchscreen, 3MPx camera, Stereo Bluetooth and WiFi with UMA among others.

I would certainly keep my fingers crossed to see who bites the dust in the end - the original iPhone or these clones.

Monday, July 30, 2007

I'm an iPhone Owner - A mock tribute!

Blessed with an iPhone - A fictitious recreation of 'The phone of Job'!

Since the very first day that I was blessed with this ultra sleek, know-everything mobile set, I believe I'm becoming more humane and I find myself categorized in the list of Homo Sapiens! The scientific process of taxonomy has given me a new status, an “occult” status - I'm an iPhone Owner!

My new companion is something I flaunt pompously. Something...err..someone that has really helped me to remain calm and act in every possible situation. After all there is a feeling deeply ingrained in me - I'm an iPhone Owner!

Here are few of my actions which I did being a proud iPhone Owner.

First Action flicker - If you have it, get it out!

Whenever any one from the other sex (very rarely though :() asks me about the time, I whip out my iPhone - in the best Bondish posture i can strike - and hold it up high, waving it around so everyone can see its impressive “clock” function. In a way as if I am asking “anyone else need to know the time?''.. Because I'm an iPhone Owner!

Second Action flicker - Love thy neighbour

Yesterday I was on a date in a splashy restaurant ..and a man sitting opposite to me had a heart attack.

“Coming through! I’ll take care of it! I’m an iPhone owner!” I yelled!

I called up the emergency services in a ziffy simultaneously reading through instructions on how to tackle heart attack cases - thanks to it's advanced internet browser on my phone. And well,... to keep the man’s wife from panicking, I showed her amusing videos stored on my iPhone.

I heard the Doctor saying “ this iPhone owner is a hero, a real HERO! Without his amazing access to information and amusing videos, we’d have had a dead man and a nervous wife by now. Instead, this couple will live happily ever after."
I smiled secretly and vanished from the scene.

Next flicker – Crime buster

Few days back I was in a Retail Store buying stuffs that will go with my iPhone. While I was talking with the lady Customer Care, from no-where a man came and held her hostage with a gun.

I looked at her worried eyes and said “no worries ma'am, I'm an iPhone owner. I'll simply call 9-1-1.../ 100 and take the man's photo. And... email it to the police.”

Listening to this, the goon was shit scared...and apologized for his act and left the store quietly and sadly, jealous of the fact that he was not a iPhone Owner!

Thanks to Apple's new avatar, the iPhone!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Nokia 1100: Still going strong...

Before i was bitten by the bug of 'mobilism', every mobile handset was just another talking device. Bluetooth, Infrared, 3G,GPS, HSPDA were just another incomprehensible clutter of words for me. Yes, i had to make or receive calls and fortunately, i had my reliable companion – the Nokia 1100. Remember the popular advertisement ''Yeh raat ko bhi chalta hai” (It works at night too!)? If you are stranded somewhere, you can use its torch light to find your way. Who needs a GPS anyway! So while my friends were flaunting their ultra cool gadgets, i had one answer for them, my very own Nokia 1100. And now, after all this time, i still feel so nostalgic about the phone.

Now, see what this new sales record says: Nokia has already sold over 200 million Nokia 1100 handsets. Statstics speak for themselves & this sure is staggering!

Surely, you would not find any of those modern hi-tech tantrums in this basic phone, but it has done a lot to build the overwhelming image of Nokia. Now Nokia has phones they claim are what computers have metamorphosed into.

The urge to host a multitude of features on a single device has gone into an overdrive & perhaps Nokia needs the torch back to find its way!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Wishful thinking?

In the cluttered world of mobile telephony, together with the innumerable push-to-publish news websites which are continuously feeding it, one cannot perhaps remain out of touch and out of sight for a long time. You will find the ubiquitous, omnipresent and omnipotent presence of mobile technology hovering above you, keeping a track on you. There is no place on the earth where you could hide yourself away from this wireless equipment!

There is a mobile phone that always rings at the most inappropriate of times; there are these mobile operators' customer executive racing to catch you off-guard. Well, even if you are able to save yourself from the disturbing, annoying tune of your mobile phone (and moreover from the pushy sales pitch of the sale executive of the mobile telecom provider), it is certain you would still be bombarded incessantly by the no-where news websites!

While I was searching for the latest news from the mobile world, I got stuck at a news item that really caught my attention, froze my eyeballs! No it was not a new over-hyped launch nor any miraculous addition to mobile technology; it was a report about a Canadian valley aiming to stay mobile phone-free!

Reuters has carried out the fabulous news that officials in a rural valley in British Columbia are hoping to keep out mobile phones from their area. According to the news report, residents of the area have expressed their belief that there lives will be much better without the incessant sound of pesky ring tones. As it was not enough, local residents of the British Columbia have debarred an interested telephone company from building a mobile phone tower in their area.

Is this a regressive or a progressive move? Share your views and comment about the residents of the British Columbia

Thursday, July 19, 2007

After 3.5 G now Chatter-G enabled phone launched

By Falcon

New Delhi: Considered to be the giant leap in the world of mobile technology, the joint consortium of Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Motorola launched NSSEM Leap series of mobile set, which would be compatible to the Chatter-G technology, an advancement of the 3.5 G.

Talking to the media persons present here, the director of the joint consortium, Dr. Debashish Chatterjee said, “the new model Nssem Leap is an ultra future mobile set, it will not only be compatible to the 0G, 1G, 2G, 3G and the latest 3.5G mobile technology, moreover it will go with the futuristic Chatter-G technology”. He said it could be used in the Neolithic age and Stone Age where there is no required infrastructure. Adding to it, he said that the NSSEM Leap could be used, operated in any time frame – backward or forward.

Explaining what the new technology is all about, Dr. Anirban Banerjee, Chief Technology Officer of the Joint Consortium said, “Chatter-G technology in the context of mobile phone standards is going to be the next upcoming revolution”. The services associated with Chatter-G include wide-area wireless voice telephony and broadband wireless data, all in a mobile environment.

Summing up the whole extravaganza, Dr Anirban said the Chatter-G technology with the help of high-end semiconductor chips fitted in it transmits and it is enabled to tell what the other person is thinking at any moment of time. It would enable the users to come to quick conclusion whether to call or receive any phone. With this technology in use it is understood it would wipe out misunderstanding, ill feelings and jealousy from the humanity especially from women that is eaten away from inside thus failing fully to exploit our human intellectual resource.

All national and international journalists present here were gifted with NSSEM Leap enabled Chatter-G technology phone. Within no time all were found busy calling their editor, and some calling their girlfriend, and best friends to know what do they think about them. There was an eerie silence persisting all over in the pressroom. All top honchos attending the functions were found carrying the surname Banerjee, Chatterjee, Mukhejee etc…..all Jee – G.

The MSSEM Leap is the acronym of Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Motorola.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Mobile manners & mannerisms 2.0

The lessons aren't over yet...

Digest your next parcel of mobile etiquettes and learn them well!

Be safe than sorry
- You are putting yourself and others in grave danger when you talk while driving. Use handsfree otherwise you might be rendered "handsfree" on one of the days soon!

Even with handsfree,keep it short and sweet or pull over and talk your heart out. In petrol bunks, please avoid using cell phones or you might end up "enlightened". Do not switch on the phone as soon as the plane touches base. Apart from being good looking, the air hostess is also intelligent enuf when she says that it is for your own safety that you switch on the phone only when the doors open.

For the Dad's gift breed!
- Yes, your phone is cool and the pricey too! All the reasons to flash & flaunt it at the slightest provocation...after all tashan marne ki cheez hai. But the decorum in college/school says that you should not carry one, or if you do, keep it in switched off mode. The teacher's lecture is more important for your future than the santa-banta jokes or the latest MMS you have just received.

Say 'say cheese' at least!
- You would not want people to take your snap in public would you?.It's rude and offending if you click strangers without consent, even if your conscience is clear. And yes, the animals in the zoo do not dream of walking on the red carpet and do not love the paparazzi around. Please do not use flash when clicking their pictures.

Resist the temptation...try this for practice.

So, next time your phone does a hips don't lie in full blast in public, don't strike a phone saying "mera phone baja hai"

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mobile manners & mannerisms 1.0

Remember the first phone in your house…that hideous looking thing with a circular dial which went "crrrrng crrrrrng" when dialling a number? And your mother kept it covered so that it did not blot the decor of the room. Remember the trunk dialling sessions the family had in the evening when everyone in the colony came to know that "Mr. Sharma" is calling someone!?!

Move on to the mobile age where your handset says "Is this is what computers have become?", BUT have we moved enough to sync well with the modern mobile culture?

Perhaps it's high time for a lesson or two on mobile phone etiquettes which are never taught in school!

Control noise pollution!

- You might be loaded with the latest mp3 on your phone and your phone might produce the best bass and treble, but not all might be willing to "jhoom barabar jhoom" along with you. In office/meetings and crowded places it is advisable to let the vibrator remind you of an incoming call, while in theatres its better you keep the phone switched off! Who would want an Amitabh Bacchan dialogue get killed with some cranky voice beside?!?

Dumb? Deaf? Or what?

- Talk in a decent volume. Current technology guarantee that your voice reaches the other end untarnished, even when you whisper. But why do you need to make the world know that you are on a call? Do not shout when in conversation. Speak softly and say "Hello" to really mean it.

Keep Distance!

- Personal space is very dear with the kind of population we have. Respect it before it is extinct. Excuse yourself and move away from the group when you are on a call. People are also not interested in your boss at work or your child's falling grades! DO NOT discuss your private life in public.

“And here goes my mobile ringing.... So, like a good mobile user I will excuse myself now, and get back to you have more lessons to learn!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Nokia N95: My second-minute-hour companion

It has always been my dream to own a Nokia N95. Now, at last the masterpiece of a mobile phone is in my hand! I can´t express in words how I am feeling to possess the ultimate multimedia set. The only thought that cross my mind is that I am a proud owner of the Nokia N95.

Since the very first day my fingers touched it, they have stayed glued to it's multifaceted brilliance. Even in my free time it has occupied the space of my thinking brain.

I have been experimenting and exploring it's potential- it's imaging prowess and awesome display has truly impressive.With its 5-megapixel camera that can also record VGA-quality video, a dual-slider design, a robust media player with a 3.5mm headphone jack, and integrated GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth; and not to mention, it's Symbian operating system which allows me to experiment with softwares of my choice, it has virtually plunged me into the state of geeky exuberance!

From an aesthetic point of view, my girlfriend(s) do not find it svelte and sexy. For me it goes perfect with my boyish personality – short and stocky.

How many of you feel the same?

Friday, July 6, 2007

Apple iPhone is here: Give me a break...please!

Finally, it's here and now I can breathe a sigh of relief. The mobile industry has never been through such an explosive hype ever before (only Rajni’s mega-mix movies can arouse such incorrigible emotions)! Take it as a fact or a hypothesis, but the Apple iPhone has over-clouded the speculation world of mobile maniacs for many months. The big bang has been ardently followed in the blogosphere by anyone and everyone. Just glimpse the extravaganza:

The sheer manipulation: Prior to launch iPhone, Apple pushed every limit to build up a dream allusion. According to technology analysts, it all started six months back, when Apple first showed up this gadget – a wild scream to blow up the ears of the information hungry media. Since then, it has always been in the news – for all the good reasons.

The red carpet welcome
The world goes literally berserk over the release of Apple's iphone. Surely, it just cannot get better than this. And, just like another over-hyped Hollywood flick, the demand has keeps escalating.

Witness the agony & the ecstasy!

Rumours say that more than 700,000 iPhones have been sold out within 5 days of its release!Grab your your share of the i-cheeze!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

3G Technology: Rigorous Transformation/Our stand

The coveted term 3G is more than a monolithic technology for me. Yeah... it’s more like a rebus not only for me, but for my beloved country also. More precisely, it’s like a distant dream (Still when others are ready to embrace 4G!!). Obviously, I never had the opportunity to fancy any of the buffets of this new buzz word (Very appetising). But, it’s been around for a long time. Thanks to this Internet age, which allows me to get all the information (right or wrong) about the latest trends in mobile world.

And, 3G is also among those constantly grilled or discussed topics (from the little bit or loads more I know). My 'Mobilism' instinct forces me to look at the various aspects of this technology, which is still eluding my own country (India). Sometimes I do wonder, why people buy 3G supporting handsets after paying a hefty price for those heavy gadgets? May be for other features or they are among those hopefuls, who believe that 3G is just around the corner and they will have it after a couple of days. Well, that's something beyond my rational understanding, but for now... I just want to take a toll on 3G.

Let's start from the beginning...

3G stands for Third Generation mobile phones in mobile technology. Well, it has really come a long way? The very first generation was about Advanced Mobile Phone Service (AMPS). Then came Second Generation phone service with GSM and CDMA phones. After some time, we had yet another generation with 2.5 GPRS-EDGE mobile phone services. Henceforth, Internet surfing, which was a really a dream came to terms. Likewise came 3G phones...something big, different and innovative. But, we are stranded between 2 and 2.5 (once again beaten by the number game).

After all this hustle-bustle came an obvious question that what does 3G do? Actually, 3G means speed. Yes, it’s like optimising speed (In Internet language). To speed up data transfer and letting us browse the Internet in a swift manner. Now, it enables video conferencing, where you can see the face of the person, to whom you are talking. Well, well, well...4G is also around the corner for other countries and we are still deprived of 3G (No consolation, only regret).

Why are we waiting?

Obviously, you would love to have all these functionalities in your very own phone, but do you deserve to wait for a long time? Actually, the biggest hindrance or technical barrier is that 3G technology does not work on the hardware or network of 2G or 2.5G phones. Keep hoping, as sooner or later, we will have to embrace 3G with a new set up (all the required elements). Another major concern is (! Not that serious) that 3G devices need better or refined batteries to work and we end up with same appellation (we don't have that). But, they will be replaced and it does need substantial time. Till then, I can just keep my eyes open to see the wonders of this new technology (Can't help being sceptic and bit pessimistic). These are some of the reasons, which I can point out (Surely not enough). You can add more at your own discretion.

Monday, May 21, 2007

KKK...Kyuki Mobile bhi ab TV hai

'Wise men' say the digital world is shrinking into our very hand...if I've lost you here...well, its the mobile phone I am talking about. All that you need is available in your mobile. Ticket reservation to 'adult' contents - your mobile phone is the only thing you'll ever need.

Imagine 5-10 years from now, when RSS feed and all such TV viewing 'tecknology' are fully evolved, when TV on mobile phone is not a frame after frame affair but just like that in a 'real' TV.

We might get a bit confused about mobile web searching but nothing can beat our passion for channel surfing. Years of cable television have resulted in our desire not to watch what's on TV but to watch what 'else' is on TV. When something as personal as your mobile phone telecasts your favourite sitcom, you can save your energy wasted on the battle for 'control' of the remote control!!!

So what actually is the prospect for live TV on mobile phones in India? 'Immense' is the obvious answer. In a country of over a billion, everything sells. Especially if it is Tulshi 'Ma' or our dear Parvati 'Bhabi' taking their stand against the evils of the family. Their popularity haven't changed in the last 5 years, nor there is any likelihood of change in the next 5. The good guys will be tortured and humiliated for 10-15 (even more) episodes with all sorts of twist and turn, evil plots, loads of flashback and finally, when viewers have had enough of one bad guy and/or a Hot looking vamp with a taste in fashion, our Bhabi's and Ba's come good to clear the position for another 'fresh' baddie.

Only change I guess will be instead of SMS version of what happened earlier, you and me get a chance to watch them on our mobile phone by some simple blah blah. (They always have a 'simple' way for everything - don't worry)

Quite a rosy picture! However, added services means more money out of your pocket (these corporates sadistically enjoy this part)! Rocket high rates for the so called 'skimming price' policy has always been a dampener. In this case, I see no exception.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Music phones: So eventful journey.

Speculations were literally ruling the gadget world, until some highly powerful or so called multifunctional devices went ahead to steal the show. I really don't remember, when i started taking all this seriously. Undoubtedly, these illustrious buzzers...(yeah, it does take little bit pressing to make them work) were already there before I was bitten by the bug of mobilism. But, it was a sheer dilemma for musicbuffs: can mobile phones replace their favourite ipods –dear companions for a long time.

If i am not wrong, as per the conventional trends, it was inevitable, as music mobile phones were right on the threshold to enter our world. On the other hand, it was never easy to say goodbye to all your favourite things...(i still love my childhood bicycle..even though it is wrapped up somewhere in the store-room). Along with this commotion came a flurry of questions about music capabilities, battery strength and interface. Even i was adamant to replace my iPod with a music phone – who would provide 60-GB of memory with superb music phones just cannot beat my iPod.

Things change with a lightening speed and to my surprise/ i was taken aback, when i saw music phones with MP3 players stormed the world. Its better to do an in-depth analysis to see the hidden truth and i did so by scrutinising music phones. These gadgets are just fabulous with simple interface (all options: Play/Pause, Stop, FF and Rew). Making life easier for an imbued listener like me...there are dedicated buttons to pave the way to ecstasy. Yeah, my iPod cannot make calls nor it would let me surf...but you can surely do that on music phones.

So, its all about options or something else. phones are right there with good sound. Seems, as if everything has fallen at the right place and their (music phones) entry was as good as anything. This post is not the result of my sheer adulation for music phones, but your valuable comments can make the picture more clear – the way you like it.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

3GSM: Mapping the Asian market

When the big and the best of mobile telephony industry converged in Barcelona this year(12-15 February, 2007)- they meant business and it was as big as it gets. Around 55,000 people- the highest for a 3GSM congress -from across the globe gathered to confabulate and contemplate on the emerging trends in mobile communication. Here's a snapshot of the promises and predictions.

Manufacturers, operators, distributors, mobile content providers, industry experts- they all had their concerns and opinions to share on the future ahead. While manufacturers announced and launched a range of handsets, the operators stressed on enhanced coverage and cost cutting measures to sustain growth.

The marketing policy of Nokia seems to be focussed on business phones with the manufacturer unveiling the next genration of E-series devices. On the other end, Motorola is gearing up to lock horns in the smartphones category with an array of HSDPA-enabled handsets.

Instant messaging was the buzzword with fifteen operators agreeing on a joint mechanism to offer IM across networks. Mobile content and allied services also took centrestage with companies finding it difficult to retain and expand their base, particularly in the developing Asian markets. Mobile T.V and mobile music content featured as a promising business with a huge consumption potential.

Key speakers, noticeably among them, Vodafone chief Arun Sarin(charged up after acquiring the Hutch deal in India!) and Orange chief Sanjiv Ahuja put stress on exploring new revenue streams( like mobile content, sponsorships etc) to sustain profitability and growth. With call charges getting lower and lower, companies are looking for new areas for earnings in both developed and developing economies. With the news of major countries in Asia like India and China becoming 3G compatible, service providers expect a big upsurge in the demand for mobile content like sports updates, video clips, celebrity wallpapers etc., in the multi-billion market.

The next 3GSM congress is scheduled in November at Macau(Asia). With the Common Wealth games and Olympics to be held in the Asian countries, the mobile companies will get an ideal platform to test their business model and infrastructure to deliver news, sports and other mobile content to scores of sports lovers in the developing markets.

Summing up the spirit of the 3GSM, Motorola's new European sales chief, Stephen Nolan observed : 'The central theme of a lot of conversations happening at this show is 'How am I special?' We're moving away from a transactional spot relationship… to become more of a long-term partner.'

Saturday, April 14, 2007

A small shift for a big success...

The much hyped and much awaited iPhones have finally been launched in some parts of the global market. After drawing much success in the music world, iPod became iPhone. Have you ever thought of the flux that the company like Apple has taken?

I took more pain to draw the conclusion -- why one would keep a separate music device, if a cellphone (a wonderful gift to the communications world) does it all. A single mini device performs multiple functions. I think my strategy is a smart one– switching over their music devices to mobile phones.

I really appreciate the maneuvering step the company has taken before launching the iPhone. When Steve Jobs (Apple CEO) announced the upcoming iPhone, techno expert started posting blogs – almost 20,000 blogs in a day and the iPone became famous before its launch ( – it seems that the media planning & themarketing fundas have been truly inspired!

But to my surprise, the enthusiasm these technocrats showed at one point of time faded finally – but why? The reason is obvious – you cannot predict about anything that you have not even seen. Same with me as i also belong to the same category who once heard of the iPhone but never got a privilege to even see or touch it!
Its really hard for newbies to divert consumers trust from the well established mobile companies. Again i believe that the companies who have switched over to iPhone might have been manipulating these points while launching a product. And no doubt, they would have given much time and their valuable mind to that aspect.

Since, the new fray in the mobile market is to make the communications device similar to a PC, Microsoft has an obvious advantage off the blocks but some tough challenge with Symbian rich phones like Sony Ericsson P990i. But where do you wanna put an iPhone?

Its really hard to draw any conclusion right now, but lets hope the wonderful music gadget i.e., iPod would soon become popular as an iPhone.


Finally a space in the Wild Wild Web to write my heart out on 'gizmology' and that too on my terms. Now that's a great relief considering all the goody goodies I write (actually forced to write) on out-dated and/or shitty stuff! (thanx Tradaptor).

I am sick and tired of all the rave reviews and subtle and disguised promotion of mostly crappy and useless 'futuristic' devices with 'advanced' technologies. The bombastic bouncers and technical blah-blah are nothing more than ways to suck out more money (read Blood) by making us believe that we really need the product just because it is out there. I know because thats what I do for a living!!!

Now that commercial interest is out of the picture and no snoopy boss buzzing over my posts, I finally have the freedom to be ruthlessly honest . But hey, I don't have any grudge against any and I'm not out here to seek vengeance! I am here to share what I know (or think I know) with anyone who cares to stop by and read through.

Keep your eyes open as we dissect the layers of technical crap written and designed to keep you confused, to reveal what it is actually all about... inside -out.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The genesis of Mobilism

How abjectly crippled do you feel if you & your cellphone are estranged for a day? The sense of loss,ennui & isolation bordering on paranoia? Just how chronic & infectious is our almost paralytic subservience to technology?

Relax! This opening note is not a premonition of any impending Judgement Day when the human fate will be signed, sealed & delivered by some creepy,wiry, self-replicating squids of our own ingenuity & invention!!!

What i'm referring to is the metamorphosis in the axes of Time & Space that have altered the "matrix" of our existence ( intellectual masturbation...i know). From being an elitist auxiliary of the privileged few, mobile phones are now ubiquitous & cardinal to our perception of time & space ( oops! that almost broke my jaw!). So much so that we have decided to add a new 'ism'to our urban dictionary - Mobilism

The gospel of Mobilism is to unravel the mystery of mobiles & gadgets we love, hate, use, abuse but simply cant ignore! Our testament is writ from the consumers point of view & we follow every letter of it. Amen directory