Monday, August 6, 2007

Apple iPhone: bugs all around

An opulent announcement followed by monstrous demand (just for the time being!) and now its on the firing line with security threats –God save the iPhone from all these frequent outbreaks! Seems like a gripping melodrama, but this mouth-watering fruit is bound to have all this. In my earlier post, i talked about those hot mimics (iPhone clones), which sometimes outshine the original character, but this time it's about the real hero –carrying all the burden of this chartbuster show. Earlier, the vulnerability of this device was theoretical, but not for so long. Vigilant hackers are right on the task and there is an apparent security glitch regarding the iPhone.

The way iPhone's browser works, it offers a safe passage for hackers to attack through a wireless access point or Web server. So far, this over-hyped affair is gone with serious bloopers, and now it is quite evident that some major security issues are being ignored (a big mistake!). An attacker can easily install codes to steal any of the important data from this phone. In more refined manner, a hacker can use a link sent through SMS or email to redirect the iPhone's browser by a man-in-the middle with that malicious code. The major goof-up lies in its controls, as the phone runs with full administrator privileges –offering a short-cut way for intruders.

With such a severe onslaught anything can be brought to sudden halt; and in a desperate manner, Apple Inc. released its three patches to counter these threats in its Mac OS X operating system with beta version of its Safari browser for windows.Though these are just the early days of iPhone, but it is right there in the eye of everyone. There are queries all over the place, as iphone owners are feeling the heat after all paying a hefty price for this gadget!

The next few days might make the picture more clear, till then everyone is forced to play the wait and watch game.

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