Thursday, August 2, 2007

Mobile Gaming: Play as you go

Picture this... A 2D line that navigates within your mobile screen, 'eating' up dots on its way – this was one of the most popular mobile phone games found in the history of mobile games just a couple of years back. Another 2D game in high demand was 'Tetris' – where you have to arrange odd shaped blocks to form a 'Wall'.

Fast forward to the present, and you'll find mobile gaming is more than two dimensional visuals with occasional beeps.

Now check this out...

'Guitar Legend' by Gameloft – one of the latest mobile games sees you hitting keypad buttons to play big rock riffs. These includes Nirvana's 'Heart-Shaped Box', Iron Maiden's 'Run To The Hills', The Scorpions' 'Rock You Like A Hurricane' and the ever popular 'Smoke On The Water' by legendary British band Deep Purple. From Zombie-slaughtering action of 'Resident Evil' to 'Bikini Volleyball', from 'Pro Bowling' to 'World Championship Pool' – all kinds of 3D games are now available in your mobile phones. Whats more? Many of them looks and feels better in a mobile phone than in any portable gaming consoles.

We are way beyond making vague statements about the potential of mobile gaming market. Now we've got numbers to prove that (and mind you...numbers don't lie!). According to Gartner Inc report, the global mobile games market is on track to grow 49.9 percent in 2007 to $4.3 billion, and will hit $9.6 billion by 2011. No doubt, all major game programmer and designers are working overtime to create mobile versions of popular games traditionally designed to play in consoles and computers. Tomb Raider Legend and Burnout are fine example of successful mobile phone adaptation of popular video games. Square Enix recently showed off several Final Fantasy branded mobile games. Rumors about the launch of 3D mobile Metal Gear Solid game are also making frequent rounds.

After eating into the domains of digital cameras and music players, mobile phones are now barging into the gaming territory. I wonder who's next in the Hit list!

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