Sunday, April 6, 2008

Another Mobile TV in the US: Courtesy LG Vu

Yet another mobile TV that claims it’s different – the LG Vu mobile phone earned all the attention at CTIA 2008. Somewhat delayed arrival – though, it is good that such releases are finally getting substantial attention. But, it was an utterly disappointed session in 2007 because Nokia’s most of the forecasts badly disappointed people. It was predicated that mobile TV would come with every new Nokia handset – And, it did not happen. Even though some mobile TV phones were released, but they also ended up creating confusion – with their restrictive programs, sky-high cost and tiny screen. And, users felt bad because it was harder to find a difference between 3G features and mobile TV.

Let’s see what this new mobile TV offers:
1.Touchscreen (stolen from iPhone.. again) and candybar designing
2.Endowed with easily navigable EPG (Electronic Programme Guide)
3.In standard features, you get – web browser, an MP3 player.

Let’s see how it works, but with its cramped keyboard and limited mobile TV service in US…chances are really bleak!

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