Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Apple iPhone: The biggest Bluffer of 2007

A systemically premeditated promotional campaign followed up by an epic release of the iPhone –and after jostling in those queues, you went home proudly to show your cherished possession.

Honey, I got the iPhone.

Oh my God!

So, that’s it. No, like every other twisted melodrama, the story unfolded to leave you speechless.

Though, I have already given my verdict over this forbidden fruit, but now that we are embracing 2008, it’s the right time to remember this bluffer.

Just to remind you:

1.Apple iPhone does not support 3G!
2.Its 2 megapixels camera lacks autofocus and flash.
3.Forget about third party applications.
4.Irreplaceable battery.

Above all, it is preposterously costly.

Apple has a lot to learn to prove itself in the world of mobile phones. As far as Apple iPod is concerned –we just love it. But, Sorry folks, your iPhone is pathetic.

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