Saturday, April 14, 2007

A small shift for a big success...

The much hyped and much awaited iPhones have finally been launched in some parts of the global market. After drawing much success in the music world, iPod became iPhone. Have you ever thought of the flux that the company like Apple has taken?

I took more pain to draw the conclusion -- why one would keep a separate music device, if a cellphone (a wonderful gift to the communications world) does it all. A single mini device performs multiple functions. I think my strategy is a smart one– switching over their music devices to mobile phones.

I really appreciate the maneuvering step the company has taken before launching the iPhone. When Steve Jobs (Apple CEO) announced the upcoming iPhone, techno expert started posting blogs – almost 20,000 blogs in a day and the iPone became famous before its launch ( – it seems that the media planning & themarketing fundas have been truly inspired!

But to my surprise, the enthusiasm these technocrats showed at one point of time faded finally – but why? The reason is obvious – you cannot predict about anything that you have not even seen. Same with me as i also belong to the same category who once heard of the iPhone but never got a privilege to even see or touch it!
Its really hard for newbies to divert consumers trust from the well established mobile companies. Again i believe that the companies who have switched over to iPhone might have been manipulating these points while launching a product. And no doubt, they would have given much time and their valuable mind to that aspect.

Since, the new fray in the mobile market is to make the communications device similar to a PC, Microsoft has an obvious advantage off the blocks but some tough challenge with Symbian rich phones like Sony Ericsson P990i. But where do you wanna put an iPhone?

Its really hard to draw any conclusion right now, but lets hope the wonderful music gadget i.e., iPod would soon become popular as an iPhone. directory