Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The genesis of Mobilism

How abjectly crippled do you feel if you & your cellphone are estranged for a day? The sense of loss,ennui & isolation bordering on paranoia? Just how chronic & infectious is our almost paralytic subservience to technology?

Relax! This opening note is not a premonition of any impending Judgement Day when the human fate will be signed, sealed & delivered by some creepy,wiry, self-replicating squids of our own ingenuity & invention!!!

What i'm referring to is the metamorphosis in the axes of Time & Space that have altered the "matrix" of our existence ( intellectual masturbation...i know). From being an elitist auxiliary of the privileged few, mobile phones are now ubiquitous & cardinal to our perception of time & space ( oops! that almost broke my jaw!). So much so that we have decided to add a new 'ism'to our urban dictionary - Mobilism

The gospel of Mobilism is to unravel the mystery of mobiles & gadgets we love, hate, use, abuse but simply cant ignore! Our testament is writ from the consumers point of view & we follow every letter of it. Amen

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