Saturday, April 14, 2007


Finally a space in the Wild Wild Web to write my heart out on 'gizmology' and that too on my terms. Now that's a great relief considering all the goody goodies I write (actually forced to write) on out-dated and/or shitty stuff! (thanx Tradaptor).

I am sick and tired of all the rave reviews and subtle and disguised promotion of mostly crappy and useless 'futuristic' devices with 'advanced' technologies. The bombastic bouncers and technical blah-blah are nothing more than ways to suck out more money (read Blood) by making us believe that we really need the product just because it is out there. I know because thats what I do for a living!!!

Now that commercial interest is out of the picture and no snoopy boss buzzing over my posts, I finally have the freedom to be ruthlessly honest . But hey, I don't have any grudge against any and I'm not out here to seek vengeance! I am here to share what I know (or think I know) with anyone who cares to stop by and read through.

Keep your eyes open as we dissect the layers of technical crap written and designed to keep you confused, to reveal what it is actually all about... inside -out.

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