Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Apple iPhone & it's Clones!

Any razzle-dazzle affair is bound to attract too much attention – good or bad! It's not been a long time, since the Apple iphone made its way through the mobile world and there are millions of opinions already all over the cyberspace. Whether its the blogsphere, news aggregators and review based websites, people are literally going nuts over the phone. And, like all popular cultural icons the 'iPhone clones'have stuck their heads out!

Whether you are a common user or a rocket scientist, you would surely agree that it does take years of hardwork and consistent innovation to come up with such a complicated & efficient device. And clones' or 'inspirations' sneak through the back door.

One such is the Meizu M8, which has been hailed as the most affordable iPhone clone yet. So, if iPhone is really an expensive phone for you to afford, then you may go for the Meizu M8 which offer a 4GB model (with built in camera) and a 8GB model. This entry-level model is the poor man's iPhone and believe me it ain't bad either!

The Hua Long IP2000, which looks exactly like an iPhone (yes,looks are always deceptive!) comes with a touchscreen, 3.5'' LCD screen, 2 megapixel camera, USB connector and supports dual-band network. If that is all you need, then you have the phone minus the 'i'.

When the going gets really tough, you have to take your chances. The third big iPhone fan or follower is the Samsung P520. It is quite slim and weighs only 102 grams. In other features, you get Triband GSM with EDGE, QVGA touchscreen, 3MPx camera, Stereo Bluetooth and WiFi with UMA among others.

I would certainly keep my fingers crossed to see who bites the dust in the end - the original iPhone or these clones.

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