Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mobile Gaming: The New Contenders of 2008

1. Dangerous Dave: This one is inspired from the original Dangerous Dave game (launched in 1988, as PC game). Developed by the legendary John Romero

In the words of Jan Rezab (Redboss Games)

“From what I remember, this will be the mobile version of the oldest PC games ever entering the mobile game market, and we would like to continue pushing the brand. The brand like Doom, Wolfenstein, and Commander Keen, and Dangerous Dave, are legends in the PC game market, and many people remember when playing them on their first computers.”

The legend John Romero further added that

“I’ve been amazed over the years to hear of Dangerous Dave being played, even to this day, on computers in so many countries. The game is addictive, challenging but not very long. It’s definitely an ‘80’s style game. I’m very happy to be working with Redboss Games on the mobile launch of this classic.”

Enough reasons to play Dangerous Dave.

2. Devil May Cry: All those gothic supernatural powers, Dante’s world of battle between good and bad – this is Devil May Cry mobile game (launched by Capcom). Based upon its Playstation version of Devil May Cry 3. Not meant for ordinary gamers, this one needs temperament, puzzle solving skills and much more! Any Doubt!…you better enter the Arena.

3. Dakar 2008: Yet another pulsating extravaganza – the Dakar 2008 is an extended version of the highly successful Dakar 2007 mobile game. Launched by EA Mobile…this game involves 15 rigorous stages across 5 countries.

Play Hard!

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