Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Much Ado About Nothing

Looks do wonders and invented looks can really take you places. Of late, all the leading mobile handset manufacturers joined the rat race to come up with good-looking handsets (That’s what they said prior to launch these beauties). And, it paid off really well initially just for the time being –all looked stagnated after the big bubble burst. “Old habits die hard” and the surge continues to surprise you no end. Get ready to expect anything as bizarre and silly as anything can be from them, as they can go one step ahead while redefining a typical marketing gimmick –but, does it really work?

They are cool, trendy and the latest hip-thing – the real test of your taste quotient begins now!

1. Nokia 7380:

This “oh-so-nice” gadget belongs to Nokia’s “L’Amour” Collection. Surely, Nokia does deserve all applauds not only for designing something so peculiar, but also promoting it –big times. You have to pay a big amount to possess this beauty. Looks do not come easy and people do anything to look good. With striking resemble to a Zippo, don’t feel bad when somebody asks for light.

2. Apple iPhone:

Whether it’s the iPhone fascination or my lunacy, whenever I try to forget about this forbidden fruit, it pops up to do rounds in my mind. Leave functionalities aside, Apple Inc. are capable of creating something so unique that every now and then you would fancy holding this beauty in your palm. And, if you are the proud owner of Apple iPhone then you surely know how it feels to have it (everyone knows how it looks –thanks to Apple’s exaggerated marketing campaigns, which made it look like more of a household item than a special phone).

3. Nokia 888 communicator:

Hailed as the concept phone by the manufacturer, but where is the IDEA folks? Now take this, as they say, this phone is built by a soft and malleable material. Yes, it can be wrapped or rolled around in any particular shape, you like. Still in the conduit, this phone might come with a flexible circuitry system and a LED display. So, you can wrap it around your body to show off your style. But, do you really believe in something like this. Ok, wear one and don’t get shocked if somebody takes you as an alien. Yet another stereotypical approach (something beyond our rational understanding).

4.The Goldvish Piece:

When it comes to bragging about expensive things, a tech-savvy person wouldn’t mind paying a huge price for a compatible mobile handset (loaded with superb functionalities). But, our world is full of posers, who just hate to look genuine or normal human being. And, this masterpiece is meant for them. With a wafer of gold over the body and stamped 160 diamonds, it works as your “I m rich” tag. More of a jewelry item than a handset; human vanities can go to any extent.

That’s our pick, you can add more in this category for the welfare of all the tech-buffs…all I can say…Spare the technology from spooky tantrums.

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