Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Music on Mobile only, by 2011: Wow!

While in India we still feel nostalgic about those late night Vividh Bharti music programs, a research done on the UK music business predicted that 3 years down the line, about 30% of all the music will be purchased via mobile phones. Great news for music lovers…

This study came right after Nokia announced that they are going to offer a new mobile service called 'Comes with Music’ that would come with unlimited music downloading option.

Presently, the mobile sector provides 13% of the total music served every year. That means there would be almost 300% increase in the next 3 years!

The most important thing about such developments is that, you can get all your music instantly –no matter where you are (depending upon the service provider). After a surge in music phones, every music lover has got more than one reason to feel good…. keep listening!

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Unknown User said...

Dexter...forget just music!

I reckon in 10 years time...all stand alone gadgets...music player, digital camera, TV and even laptops will shrink into one device on hand - the mobile phone!

Hope they include a swiss knife and a cigarette lighter with it!

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