Friday, July 6, 2007

Apple iPhone is here: Give me a break...please!

Finally, it's here and now I can breathe a sigh of relief. The mobile industry has never been through such an explosive hype ever before (only Rajni’s mega-mix movies can arouse such incorrigible emotions)! Take it as a fact or a hypothesis, but the Apple iPhone has over-clouded the speculation world of mobile maniacs for many months. The big bang has been ardently followed in the blogosphere by anyone and everyone. Just glimpse the extravaganza:

The sheer manipulation: Prior to launch iPhone, Apple pushed every limit to build up a dream allusion. According to technology analysts, it all started six months back, when Apple first showed up this gadget – a wild scream to blow up the ears of the information hungry media. Since then, it has always been in the news – for all the good reasons.

The red carpet welcome
The world goes literally berserk over the release of Apple's iphone. Surely, it just cannot get better than this. And, just like another over-hyped Hollywood flick, the demand has keeps escalating.

Witness the agony & the ecstasy!

Rumours say that more than 700,000 iPhones have been sold out within 5 days of its release!Grab your your share of the i-cheeze!

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