Monday, July 16, 2007

Mobile manners & mannerisms 2.0

The lessons aren't over yet...

Digest your next parcel of mobile etiquettes and learn them well!

Be safe than sorry
- You are putting yourself and others in grave danger when you talk while driving. Use handsfree otherwise you might be rendered "handsfree" on one of the days soon!

Even with handsfree,keep it short and sweet or pull over and talk your heart out. In petrol bunks, please avoid using cell phones or you might end up "enlightened". Do not switch on the phone as soon as the plane touches base. Apart from being good looking, the air hostess is also intelligent enuf when she says that it is for your own safety that you switch on the phone only when the doors open.

For the Dad's gift breed!
- Yes, your phone is cool and the pricey too! All the reasons to flash & flaunt it at the slightest provocation...after all tashan marne ki cheez hai. But the decorum in college/school says that you should not carry one, or if you do, keep it in switched off mode. The teacher's lecture is more important for your future than the santa-banta jokes or the latest MMS you have just received.

Say 'say cheese' at least!
- You would not want people to take your snap in public would you?.It's rude and offending if you click strangers without consent, even if your conscience is clear. And yes, the animals in the zoo do not dream of walking on the red carpet and do not love the paparazzi around. Please do not use flash when clicking their pictures.

Resist the temptation...try this for practice.

So, next time your phone does a hips don't lie in full blast in public, don't strike a phone saying "mera phone baja hai"

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