Saturday, July 28, 2007

Nokia 1100: Still going strong...

Before i was bitten by the bug of 'mobilism', every mobile handset was just another talking device. Bluetooth, Infrared, 3G,GPS, HSPDA were just another incomprehensible clutter of words for me. Yes, i had to make or receive calls and fortunately, i had my reliable companion – the Nokia 1100. Remember the popular advertisement ''Yeh raat ko bhi chalta hai” (It works at night too!)? If you are stranded somewhere, you can use its torch light to find your way. Who needs a GPS anyway! So while my friends were flaunting their ultra cool gadgets, i had one answer for them, my very own Nokia 1100. And now, after all this time, i still feel so nostalgic about the phone.

Now, see what this new sales record says: Nokia has already sold over 200 million Nokia 1100 handsets. Statstics speak for themselves & this sure is staggering!

Surely, you would not find any of those modern hi-tech tantrums in this basic phone, but it has done a lot to build the overwhelming image of Nokia. Now Nokia has phones they claim are what computers have metamorphosed into.

The urge to host a multitude of features on a single device has gone into an overdrive & perhaps Nokia needs the torch back to find its way!

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chandu said...

My first mobile experience was with Nokia 1100.... of course the best of the B&W mobiles from Nokia...

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