Thursday, July 26, 2007

Wishful thinking?

In the cluttered world of mobile telephony, together with the innumerable push-to-publish news websites which are continuously feeding it, one cannot perhaps remain out of touch and out of sight for a long time. You will find the ubiquitous, omnipresent and omnipotent presence of mobile technology hovering above you, keeping a track on you. There is no place on the earth where you could hide yourself away from this wireless equipment!

There is a mobile phone that always rings at the most inappropriate of times; there are these mobile operators' customer executive racing to catch you off-guard. Well, even if you are able to save yourself from the disturbing, annoying tune of your mobile phone (and moreover from the pushy sales pitch of the sale executive of the mobile telecom provider), it is certain you would still be bombarded incessantly by the no-where news websites!

While I was searching for the latest news from the mobile world, I got stuck at a news item that really caught my attention, froze my eyeballs! No it was not a new over-hyped launch nor any miraculous addition to mobile technology; it was a report about a Canadian valley aiming to stay mobile phone-free!

Reuters has carried out the fabulous news that officials in a rural valley in British Columbia are hoping to keep out mobile phones from their area. According to the news report, residents of the area have expressed their belief that there lives will be much better without the incessant sound of pesky ring tones. As it was not enough, local residents of the British Columbia have debarred an interested telephone company from building a mobile phone tower in their area.

Is this a regressive or a progressive move? Share your views and comment about the residents of the British Columbia

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